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Monday, January 19 & Tuesday, January 20

Can’t make it to D.C. for the festivities? Want to serve and celebrate with folks who know what it’s like to do a year of service? Interested in meeting new people?

You are cordially invited to: AmeriCorps Alums Boston– MLK Jr. Day O’ Service (Jan.19) and our 2nd Annual Party this year on INAUGURATION DAY, JANUARY 20TH!!!

As a friend of service, you know that MLK Jr. Day– this year on January 19th– is a day ON, not a day OFF. Please save the date and plan to join Boston Alums for an amazing Day of Service… details to come! *** The ‘AAlums Boston’ Inauguration Party is going to be the place to be on Jan. 20th! We’ll have live entertainment, food, drink and plenty of good people. We’ll also be replaying the inauguration ceremony for those who may have had to, ahem, work.

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  1. >Hello my name is Richard(rick) Miles and I am currently serving as a Volunteer Coordinator through Social Capital Inc. and AmeriCorps in Woburn, Massachusetts. I was forward an e-mail containing information on the MLK Jr. Day O’ Service program in Boston that is being hosted by AmeriCorps Alums Boston. I also signed up to become a member of the Google group for AmeriCorps Alums because I am interested in keeping up with any future events that may be hosted by AmeriCorps Alums in Boston. I am very much interested in the program MLK Jr.Day O’ Service day because I am interested in meeting alums of AmeriCorps and asking them questions that are similar to How AmeriCorps changed their lives? and What options became available to them because of their year of service through AmeriCorps? I was wondering if there was anymore information available at this point in time for program on the 19th of January? Please let me know either way. My e-mail address is poodleguy@gmail.comSincerely,Richard Miles

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