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Below are some job openings at Be the Change, Inc… as you might know they are a small but mighty team! The jobs are in both DC and Boston, so please see below for the brief overview of job descriptions. Their main goal is to make sure that the organization is reflective of the diversity of their coalition, so please forward this on and apply!

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Be the Change, Inc., founded by Alan Khazei (Co-Founder & former CEO of City Year), is a new national organization inspired by Gandhi’s philosophy that: “You must be the change you seek in the world.”

The mission of Be the Change, Inc. is to revitalize our democracy by connecting the service and social entrepreneurship movements to policy development and advocacy in order to build a citizens movement for change. We work to tap the wisdom, experience, and networks of social entrepreneurs and service alumni to craft a bold new policy agenda, mobilize citizens, build coalitions, seed non-partisan advocacy groups, and generate more active participation in our governing process and systems. Initial policy areas focus on national service and education, with future efforts in the areas of poverty and youth policy.

ServiceNation is a rapidly moving campaign to increase service opportunities for people at all stages of life, to use proven service strategies to address some of our most difficult societal problems, and to promote service as a core ideal of our democracy. This campaign launched with a ServiceNation Summit, Sept. 11-12 in New York City (which opened with a forum on service with Senators Barack Obama and John McCain), and will build with a national grassroots movement aimed at inspiring widespread public support for a new and transformational national service act, and making the expansion of voluntary service a priority for the next president and Congress. ServiceNation comprises over 120 organizations reaching over 100M people.


1) Director of Communications (Boston-Based)Responsible for design and implementation of overall communication strategy for Be the Change including earned media, paid media, online communication and branding. This person will help define the overall communications and messaging strategy. This person will oversee outreach to and cultivate relationships with political and other targeted press, as well as work with coalition members and partners to generate editorials, op-eds, and local attention in a variety of media markets. This person will oversee overall website and web-content, non-online content generated for organizational or development purposes, as well as writing done for CEO.

2) Director of Development
(Boston)Responsible for design and implementation of fundraising strategy for C3/C4 operations ($4.5million annual base budget). Responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with funders. In addition to fundraising from individuals, foundations, and corporate sources, the Director of Development will oversee the development of a sustainability plan that includes raising significant sums online from small dollar individual supporters. Some current funders include: Carnegie Corporation of New York, Target, The Home Depot, The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, The Case Foundation, Bank of America, and the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund.

3) Director of Government Affairs (DC)Based in Washington, D.C., this individual will be responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with elected officials and other key government agencies to advance the Be the Change, Inc. policy agendas. Coordinate 120-member coalition to perform outreach and educational activities on Capitol Hill. Work with 120-member coalition to establish and coordinate relationships in congressional districts to advance Be the Change, Inc. policy agendas

4) Manager of Ambassador’s Council (Los Angeles)Manage Council, chaired by Tobey Maguire, of high-profile celebrities who serve as spokespeople and ambassadors for ServiceNation. This person will staff Tobey Maguire and other members of the Council in their efforts which include fundraising, general outreach, press outreach, service projects, etc. Help recruit and cultivate new members of Council.

5) Chief of Staff (Boston)Reports directly to the CEO and supervises the executive staff including executive assistant and writer. This person will be responsible for managing relationships, networks and projects as well as track and organize priorities for the CEO. This person will manage all internal and external communications for the executive office.

6) Chief Operating Officer (Boston)Working directly with the CEO, this person is responsible for leading and managing the operations of the organization. This person will be responsible for creating an operational plan which will include setting organizational and departmental goals, expense budgets, and revenue plans. This person will leverage, develop, and evaluate staff talent to meet set goals as well as oversee fiscal health and resource management. Responsible for strategizing and implementing changes based on organizational capacity.

7) Director of Military Outreach (DC)Working directly with the mobilization team, this person is responsible for engaging current and former members of the military to become key constituents in the ServiceNation coalition. This person will build networks and coalitions of individuals and organizations, identifying key individuals for leadership roles. Work as a liaison between the service community and military point people. Educate and engage the military about facets of the service community and the events and actions of the ServiceNation coalition. Director of Military Outreach will also build relationships between Be the Change and the military community for other Be the Change policy agenda including “OpportunityNation” to fight poverty and “EducationNation.”

8) Writer (Boston)Responsible for developing and executing all internal and external written communications from the CEO. Forms of communication are varied and will include correspondences, funding proposals, speeches, organization, department, and project reports, as well as educational and collateral materials.

To apply please send a cover letter, resume, salary requirements and references to Erin Meiman, Director of Finance and Administration at emeiman@bethechangeinc.org

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