>Support a Fellow AmeriCorps Alum

>Dear Boston AmeriCorps Alums,

I am writing you because I am in need of help like only AmeriCorps
folks can provide. First let me introduce myself, my name is Dave
Keeney and I am an alumni of the AmeriCorps Cape Cod program
(2006-2007). I have two passions in my life, service and running. In
the pursuit of these passions I became acquainted with someone I
consider to be a local hero. Her name is Katie Visco (City Year
Alumni) and she is attempting to become the youngest female to ever
run solo across the country. She will be utilizing her run as a tool
to Inspire and Empower people all across this Country to follow their
passions and make a positive impact on the world. She will be
stopping all along the way to speak with schools and community groups
to share her story and show people that if you dedicate yourself
dreams do come true. All funds that are raised along this journey
will go to “Girls on the Run”, an international not-for-profit
organization that attempts to empower young girls through running.
You can learn more about Katies run by visiting her website,

This coming Sunday, March 15, Katie and I will be hosting a Pancake
Breakfast in Davis Square to provide an opportunity for the local
community to rally around a worthy cause, and hopefully raise money
for Katies charity.

There are numerous ways you can help out with this terrific cause.
First and foremost we are in serious need of volunteers, so if you
like flipping pancakes, holding signs, or greeting folks at the door,
we would be extremely grateful for your help. The event is from
11A.M. – 2P.M. and we can be extremely flexible with volunteers. If
you want to volunteer for the whole time that’s awesome, if you can
only make it part of the time that is great as well. These hours
don’t work for you, we could also use help setting up beforehand and
cleaning up afterwards.

If you cant volunteer your time for this event, then please attend.
What better way to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon than eating
pancakes and meeting new people. I have spent enough time around
AmeriCorps members/alumni to know that by simply attending you can
increase the likelihood of success for this event tenfold.

Finally if you cant attend this event please help us find others who
can. Forward this on to anyone you know that may be interested and let
others know -every little bit helps.

Thanks for taking the time to sit through this admittedly lengthy
email. If you have any questions about this event or are interested
in volunteering please do not hesitate to contact me. Remember we are
all AmeriCorps alums, if we don’t make the world a better place who

Yours Truly,

4 First Street • Bridgewater, MA 02324
Phone: 508-697-3191 Ext. 134
Fax: 508-697-5996
Mobile: 508-962-7944
Email: dkeeney@coneco.com
Web: http://www.coneco.com

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