>Let’s keep the momentum going!

>Today is day 6 of voting for AmeriCorps Alums in the Pepsi Refresh Project. We’re currently ranked #24, but need to be in the top 10 by the end of the month to earn the $50K so don’t forget to vote and remind your friends to vote. We really appreciate your efforts in helping us to build healthy communities through your leadership!


Here’s how you can help:

– Vote once a day here: http://www.refresheverything.com/americorpsalums

– Pledge your daily vote and sign up for reminders here: http://www.americorpsalums.org/?PepsiVote

– Share with your friends! Here’s a nice quick link to use: http://pep.si/bPDkTF

– Not sure what to say to encourage your friends? Check out our handy pre-made reminders for Facebook, Twitter, and Email here:

Remember, there are lots of winners and you get 10 votes a day so don’t forget to also vote for our partner, City Year!

Thank you for all you do and for supporting us and service!

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