>Looking for a job? AC Alums Can Help!

> When it comes to careers AmeriCorps Alums is TOP DOG! They’ve invested time and resources in understanding careers that are specific to you, and that’s why, through the AmeriCorps Alums website, they are able to offer you the best jobs and best exposure for your resume! Employers come to AmeriCorps Alums <http://www.jobtarget.com/home/index.cfm?site_id=797&gt; to searchContinue reading “>Looking for a job? AC Alums Can Help!”

>State of Service – Policy Platform

>By April 2011 we aim to establish Massachusetts as the nation’s first State of Service. Based on the insights and recommendations of thought leaders from across the state at June 8’s State of Service discussion, (sponsored by MassINC and AmeriCorps Alums Boston and made possible with the generous support of the Highland Street Foundation, ZipCarContinue reading “>State of Service – Policy Platform”