>SAVE SERVICE -Tuesday, March 15th 2011

>Hi AmeriCorps Alums and Supporters,

The next step in the fight to save service is coming up this Tuesday, March 15th. It is coming down to the wire for the Senate to vote on the proposed cuts to eliminate AmeriCorps entirely. It is up to US to let our Senators hear how important AmeriCorps is to us, our communities and our country. There are many groups that are mobilizing to save important causes, and we need to make sure our voice is heard among those groups.

We’ve made the process as easy as possible. You will call 1-855-US-SERVE and be asked to enter your zip code. Then, you will hear some talking points and be connected to your senator -it only takes 10 minutes.

We are asking everyone to take the pledge to call at http://www.saveservice.org -by registering, you will receive a reminder email Tuesday AM with the instructions above. Please take the time to call and help us SAVE SERVICE.

-The Boston AmeriCorps Alums Board

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