The Director of AmeriCorps came to town!

Friday, November 4, 2011 was a special day in Massachusetts. It was AmeriCorps Opening Day, the day when more than 1,400 AmeriCorps members across the Commonwealth come together to hear about the hundreds of programs across the state, take the pledge of service, and begin to realize the collective impact AmeriCorps can and does have.

For AmeriCorps Alums, this is always an exciting day, one where we stop to remember back to our year of service, to the excitement and energy we had toward making change in our community.  It is a time when we think back to the things we learned along the way, about ourselves, our team members and the people we served. It’s a day when we reflect on what we have accomplished since we served, and we recognize how our  service experience has helped us to get where we are today.

This past AmeriCorps Opening Day was extra special. The Director of AmeriCorps, John Gomperts, came to town to lead 1,400 Corps members in the AmeriCorps pledge. After spending the day with current  members, Mr. Gomperts came to meet up with the Alums Chapter for a few drinks and the chance to hear our reflections on service. He asked questions, took notes,told jokes, and made each of us feel proud that we had served our country. He told the group how important he thinks it is to talk with Alums in order to continue improving the program and to demonstrate it’s impact. He took the time  to speak with each Alum who showed up. The event was a great success and we were glad to share Opening Day with someone who is working to ensure that many other young people will have the same chance to serve as we did. Thanks John Gomperts!

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