Time to Learn from and Support Work of Others

Diane Garcia
Diane Garcia, Recruitment Manager at Common Good Careers; YNPN Boston Board Member; and Guest Speaker for upcoming “Round-Robin”

AmeriCorps Alums Boston seeks to foster the potential of alumni as leaders in the workplace. On February 27th, AmeriCorps Alums Boston and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) Boston will deliver the result of a new partnership: a Professional Development “Round-Robin.”

At the Round-Robin, guests will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the field in a number of different topics: Alumni networks; Resume Writing & LinkedIn;  Transitioning from AmeriCorps (or other volunteer experience) to Full-Time Work; Managing up; Job search tips; Social Innovation; & Corporate Social Responsibility.

AmeriCorps Alum, Diane Garcia (09-10), will share her expertise in job searching at the event and we’ve asked her why she’s excited to share with Alums and others for this project.

When/Where did you do your AmeriCorps Year of Service?

I did my AmeriCorps year of service right after graduating college in 2009. I served as the National Development VISTA for Jumpstart in Boston. Jumpstart trains college students and community volunteers to serve preschool-age children in low-income neighborhoods. At Jumpstart my work was focused on developing strong systems for tracking our fundraising efforts , organizing large scale events for the National Board, and conducting donor research.

What is your favorite personal story from your year of service?

We set up monthly calls with the VISTAs both in the national office and working across the country. We used this time to learn more about each other’s projects and support each other’s work.  I think this was an excellent professional development opportunity for everyone involved and brought our group closer together during our year of service. 

How does your AmeriCorps experience benefit you in your current professional role at Commongood Careers?

At Jumpstart I started to really see first-hand the importance of developing a strong network. Networks are critically important in fundraising when creating strong donor relationships. They are also important for professional development and my network of VISTAS provided me with so much  support and guidance during my year of service. Successful work in this sector does not happen in silos. At Commongood my job is to build strong pipelines of talented candidates for our clients throughout the country.  I wouldn’t be able to do that without focusing on building and maintaining my network every single day.

Why should Alums be excited to learn together and with others at this professional development event?

I believe there is so much to learn from your peers, co-workers, and those in and outside of the sector to help create a well-rounded picture of how to chart a course to leadership in your career.  I think, as professionals in the nonprofit sector, we should be taking advantage of every opportunity to stretch ourselves outside of our 9-5 responsibilities and take a peek at the broader picture.  As a sector that embraces collaborations and as millennials, who are poised to be some of the most collaborative leaders the nonprofit sector has seen, we need to embrace every opportunity for both networking and further collaboration. 

What are you personally excited about with speaking at this upcoming event?

My topic is Job Search Tips – even if you’re not looking. If instead of “job searching” you think about further developing your passion and creating career champions, the work of exploring what’s next for you feels much less arduous .  Focus on building champions of your career both internally (people currently in your network) and externally (people you want to be in your network). An event like this is a great place to start! 

For more information about this opportunity and to sign up, please visit: http://pdtables.eventbrite.com/#.

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