Celebrating the Year with AmeriCorps Alums Boston Ambassadors

On Wednesday, June 5th, the Alums Board recognized more than 30 AmeriCorps Alums Boston Ambassadors who supported and strengthened the chapter throughout the year.

Hosted at Mass Challenge in the Innovation District, the event brought together our most involved alumni during 2012-2013 to celebrate the year, debrief what is working well and discuss new initiatives to consider introducing next year to build our community.

Thank you to ambassador and photographer Melissa Blackall for capturing all the fun and alumni appreciation! Check them out the photos here.

Our newest Ambassadors will join last year’s 33 Ambassadors and show off the coveted red nametag at all future events.  Ambassadors are alumni who attended 2 or more events, met 1:1 with a board member to share their alumni perspective and/or contributed to the success of events and board initiatives. 

Want to reminisce about the alums year?  Check out the awesome video created by board member Melissa Horr: http://youtu.be/1cQEmHUOvpI

Thank you to the entire chapter for a great year of service and networking!

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