Presenter Spotlight: Hilary Sullivan

Hilary Sullivan is the Associate Director of Service and Community Partnerships at Northeastern University. She will chair the Interpersonal Relationship Skills Building table at the upcoming Professional Development Round Robin on Thursday, February 27th. RSVP here!

In which program did you serve? Where?

I served in NCCC -Charleston Campus Class X from 2003-2004 and Literacy*AmeriCorps West Palm Beach from 2004-2005.

How did your experience as an AmeriCorps member prepare you for what you are doing right now?

My AmeriCorps experiences prepared me in so many ways for my current role as an Associate Director in Northeastern’s Center of Community Service. NCCC taught me about the different ways to become engaged in the community, and taught me how to enter and exit a new community thoughtfully and respectfully. Both years of service taught me how to understand the needs and wants of the community before jumping in to offer services, something I teach students on a regular basis. The college students I work with are excited and ready to serve, but sometimes need guidance in how to use their skills and knowledge to meet the needs of the community.

Why should Alums be excited to learn together and with others at this professional development event?

The Alums network is one of the most powerful networks around. Through my six years of involvement with the Boston Alums Chapter, I have connected with so many Alums, both personally and professionally. In 10 more years, I believe there will be an AmeriCorps Alum working in every major company and nonprofit in the country. To share what we know and have learned with one another is critically important to keep elevating Alums to the leadership status we all deserve. As Ben Duda, co-ED of the AmeriCOrps Alums network says, he wants a common saying to be “There’s an ALUM for that!”

What are you personally excited about with speaking at this upcoming event?

I love getting to meet Alums that have just finished serving or just moved to Boston, and re-connecting with Alums who have been here for awhile. I’m happy to share my professional experiences, but I know that I will also have the chance to learn from the Alums who come by my table. While networking events can sometimes be intimidating, I always feel the connection between fellow Alums comes easily and naturally.



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