The Massachusetts Legislature is currently entering the final stages of consideration of its Fiscal Year 2012 budget.  Last week, the Massachusetts Senate approved its version of the budget, and a House-Senate conference committee is now meeting to reconcile the difference between the two chambers’ versions of the budget.  In April, the House approved $750,000 for the Massachusetts Service Alliance (MSA).  However, the Senate’s budget included only $500,000 for the organization.

I ask that you reach out to any members of the conference committee, or the Senate President and Speaker of the House, to urge their support for full funding of the Massachusetts Service Alliance in Line Item 7003-0702 at $750,000.  This is the same level of funding that was provided in FY11 and FY10.  Also, if you are not comfortable reaching out  to a conferee, please call your local State Representative and State Senator and ask them to speak with their colleague conferees in support of the House level of MSA funding.

Please see  if you need to  find your State Senator or Representative

The Conference Committee is comprised of the following Members:

  • House Ways & Means Chairman Brian Dempsey (Haverhill);
  • Vice-Chair Steve Kulik (Deerfield);
  • Rep. Vincent DeMacedo (Plymouth);
  • Senate Ways and Means Chair Stephen Brewer (Barre);
  • Vice Chair Steve Baddour (Methuen, Newburyport); and
  • Sen. Bruce Tarr (Gloucester).
  • Senate President Therese Murray
  • Speaker Robert DeLeo

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